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Lets start with the basics, what is a Soul Star?

A Soul Star is a chakra (energy portal) that sits about 6 inches above the top of the head (outside the physical body).  It is often referred to as “The seat of the soul”, because it provides access into higher planes of existence and a higher consciousness of our own timeline (basically our own spiritual map). It’s the first point or gateway where spiritual and divine light/energy integrate and enter the physical body.  It then filters down into the rest of the physical body for distribution.  This can help one make dynamic and significant changes in our thought process thus leading to ascension, enlightenment and the transcending of the self and its ego based thinking and negative thought process and patterns that hold us back in our life.

 So what then is Soul Star Therapy?

You have to take your own steps in order to experience your own healing and freedom.  Soul Star Therapy is dedicated to teaching, guiding and mentoring individuals who want to use their bodies own natural abilities to heal through enlightenment, ascension and the transcending of the self and healing its old and current wounds and letting go of negative thought patterns that hold us back in our life and allowing non-ego based thinking to fill our life and develop our own healing and spiritual abilities.  It teaches how to live in non-judgement and most important how to not “judge our selves” and let the ego and the ego-driven mind not control or dominate and run our lives.  It teaches us to release those feelings of having to have to “always control”.  Once we learn how to release those desires to “control what we cannot control” or those desires to “change what we cannot change”, our lives become more filled with inner peace and harmony and we concentrate on our own path rather that letting outside emotions constantly effect us, bombard us and control our lives. 

Soul Star Therapy is a culmination of various natural therapy healing modalities that promotes the use of positive energies and teaches us how to rid ourselves of negative energies, emotions and situations that constantly hold us back or halt us from achieving true or inner happiness.  Being in constant states of negativity will cause inner disharmony, outer disharmony, stress, feelings of resentment, physical and emotional illness and trauma and so forth.  The energy you put out is the energy you get back and intention is a very powerful thing.  Your body can be used as its own mechanism to heal itself, but like I stated above, “You have to take your own steps in order to experience your own healing and freedom”. We all create our own realities and our own universe.  Soul Star Therapy offers the guidance and support one needs to make meaningful changes and live the life one desires rather than carrying the feeling that we are stuck or bound to live life in an unhappy, un-fulfilling, or un-settling manner.

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