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The Importance Of Daily Meditation

The Importance Of Daily Meditation

Meditation works by quieting the mind.  When we meditate we are able to perceive the true reality, which lies within our own nature, thereby achieving spiritual enlightenment.  In meditation you become quiet and turn off all outside influences. Meditation is a form of self-hypnosis as your breathing patterns change and may become barely noticeable and all outside factors and influences dissipate.  It allows us to accesses our higher self and our higher levels of consciousness.

Many will slow down their breathing until absolute stillness occurs. One can meditate by concentrating on their breathing and become one with their breath. Senses of oneness can occur as well revelations of the unity of all life and past lives.  One can also travel into other realms, be engulfed in light and can meet spirit guides (this can be done by raising our vibrational level or the rate at which our being vibrates at to a higher dimensional state). The ultimate goal of meditation is to self realize your divinity, that you are God and that God lives within you (your God Consciousness) ultimately honoring and worshiping your own being.

Meditation is basically participating in any deliberate activity that teaches you to disengage from compulsive streams of thought and how to disengage from the thinking mind, or more simply put, stop listening to the voice inside your head commonly known as our EGO. Just as we go to the gym to maintain a healthy body, we meditate to maintain a healthy mind. With meditation, the more we practice, the more access we gain to the stillness and power that lies beyond our ego based minds.  Just like the gym, the more we go the stronger we get physically.  It’s important that you find a method that works for you.

 When you engage the mind to do a task, you are using the mind. When your attention is caught up in a stream of thoughts, the mind is using you.  The first step in learning to harness the power of your attention is to become aware of how it moves. To do this, we need to find a way to disengage from the everyday thoughts and worries that preoccupy us (no matter what they may be). This is one of the fundamental reasons people practice meditation(s) in all its various styles and forms. Meditation is probably the most direct and effective way to harness the power of your inner abilities, inner self, higher self, higher consciousness and God Consciousness.

Prayer must come from the heart.  Like the old saying goes, “Prayer without intention is just words” Meditation in a deeper sense begins with the practice of stilling ones thoughts, quieting ones mind, emotions and clearing all negative energies that bind us. When we go into a deep state of meditation we sometimes go into a deep state of prayer allowing us to connect with other light beings or universal forces that govern our universe and help us heal.  When we meditate we can send our intentions and our energies out to the universe and we can connect with the universe on many different levels as well.  By calm, deep, meditative breathing, our mind, being, and emotions grow calm as well, releasing us from inner turmoil, negative emotions, anger and things that may have been destroying or eating at us internally that causes inner disharmony and lack of peace.

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